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10 Top Mobile Payments / Fintech Twitter Feeds

Posted by André Stoorvogel on February 3, 2016

With more and more people turning to social media for their news fix, Twitter has become a hotbed for discussion and debate on the current state, and future, of mobile payments and FinTech.

But, with a seemingly infinite number of accounts and opinions out there, keeping up with all things payments via Twitter can be quite an undertaking.

To help, we’ve put together a list of ten of our favorite twitter feeds to follow for the latest news and best analysis.

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Insight into the acquisition of Bell ID

Posted by David Orme on January 26, 2016

Following last night’s news from the Cryptography Research division of Rambus Inc. announcing its acquisition of Bell ID, our CEO David Orme, and Dr. Martin Scott, senior vice president and general manager of the Rambus Cryptography Research division, offer their views on the deal and why the future remains as bright as ever for Bell ID.

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2016 Predictions: What to expect?

Posted by Jessica de Korte on December 15, 2015

2015 finally saw mobile payments go mainstream and, as a consequence, technologies like tokenization and host card emulation come to the fore. As we approach the end of the year, the Bell ID team has taken a moment to consider the key trends and technologies that will support the continued growth of the industry into 2016 and beyond.

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Apple Pay: What do banks need to know?

Posted by André Stoorvogel on December 8, 2015

Apple Pay is a mobile payments service designed to make the payment process simpler, quicker and more secure. By allowing consumers to pay for goods with a simple tap using near field communication (NFC) technology, Apple intends to render the wallet, bursting at the seams with cash and plastic cards, defunct.

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How to choose a TSP platform: 5 key tips

Posted by Jessica de Korte on December 3, 2015

Tokenization has really made a name for itself. Driven by the wide availability of near field communication (NFC)-enabled smartphones, the launch of numerous mobile payments platforms and unprecedented consumer demand, the technology is now cemented as an integral part of the payments processing chain.

Many banks and service providers have chosen to get ahead of the curve and take control of their own tokenization activity to avoid interchange and tokenization fees, increase security, reduce time-to-market and establish a competitive edge over their competitors.

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What Makes Blockchain so Disruptive?

Posted by André Stoorvogel on November 26, 2015

The disruptive potential of blockchain, the back-end technology that powers Bitcoin, lies in its ability to radically simplify financial processes. The mathematics behind the system are complex, but the ‘end product’ is simple: a highly secure, self-maintaining network which dramatically increases efficiency for transacting parties by rendering ‘centralized authorities’ like payment processors, notaries and possibly even banks, redundant. 

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Host Card Emulation: What to Expect in 2016

Posted by André Stoorvogel on November 12, 2015

In response to the rapid evolution of host card emulation (HCE), we have revised our HCE: NFC’s Missing Link eBook to include an exploration of the tokenization process and an overview of the prevailing deployment models for issuers.

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Tokenization is a Virtual Reality at Money20/20!

Posted by André Stoorvogel on October 13, 2015

It’s almost that time again – Money20/20 is right around the corner and what a year it has been! Tokenization has been the hot topic in the payments industry and is set to top the bill at the event. We’ll be on the ground discussing the live mobile payments projects that Bell ID has supported this year, together with how we can tailor our solutions to the specific needs of each customer.

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What is a Token Vault?

Posted by Laszlo Spoor on September 2, 2015

Tokenization technology is underpinning the payments revolution. The method of replacing a consumer’s primary account number (PAN) with a surrogate value is being used to secure host card emulation (HCE) payments, secure element-based near field communication (NFC) mobile transactions, such as Apple Pay, and e-commerce payments.

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What is EMV?

Posted by David Worthington on July 7, 2015

The adoption of EMV® chip technology is growing rapidly around the world. The number of chip cards in circulation increased by 1 billion in 2014 representing growth of 43%; a number that was boosted by UnionPay’s engagement in EMVCo in the same year. With EMV migration in the US in full swing, there is little chance of it staying out of the headlines. But what is EMV chip technology and why is it proving to be such a success?

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